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calligraphy reviewscalligraphy reviews
certificate calligraphy border
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certificate calligraphy border
calligraphy certificate
pa calligrapher
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calligraphy poemcalligraphy poemcalligraphy poem
calligraphy poem
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marriage certificate bordermarriage certificate bordermarriage certificate border
marriage certificate border
Hand Calligraphy
Catharine Hoffmaster
Ph & Fax 610  589-5208
Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

Elegant Calligraphy at Affordable Prices
Envelope Calligraphy 
calligraphy pa

ADDRESSING ENVELOPES - start at $ 2.50 - Standard Royal Script - Black Ink - unlined white or cream envelopes
                                    more details . . . F A Q         Get a Quote for your type of envelope, desired script style, color, etc.

ESCORT / PLACE CARDS - beautifully hand lettered - $ 1.25 for each name 
   Standard Royal Script - Black Ink - includes table number below nam                           Add $ .25-.50 for color, customized scripts, table number lettered on inside or entree on reverse.

Standard Royal

POEMS & QUOTES - words made visually appealing - $ 75+ *

One-of-a-kind calligraphy designs are created to make your words visually appealing through expressive lettering.  Fine papers, custom colors, watercolor details and 23K gold leaf can be added to enhance your calligraphic art.  

See Poems / Quotes for samples.
CERTIFICATES & RESOLUTIONS - unique hand-lettered designs - $ 150+ *

Original designs with beautiful hand lettering are customized to create truly memorable presentations.  You select the calligraphy style and colors to be used.  Fine papers, watercolor details and 23K gold leaf can enhance your special certificate. 

See Certificates for samples.
Your envelopes will be beautifully hand lettered to coordinate with your wedding invitation, if desired.  All address lines are spelled out.   Please order extra envelopes.  See Preparing Your Guest List

Choice of color &/or script style - your color &/or script style can be matched

Abbreviations on guest are spelled out on your envelopes

Hand lettering is designed to fit the size and shape of your envelope

Guest lists are kept confidential - never sold or shared
Your calligraphy project is custom designed and hand lettered to reflect your style.
Quaker Wedding Certificates, wedding vows, etc. can be expressed in any color or style with accompanying watercolor and 23K gold leaf details.

See Wedding for samples.

place card calligraphy
place card calligraphyplace card calligraphyplace card calligraphy
place card calligraphy
FAMILY TREE CHARTS . . . genealogy made beautiful . . . $ 250+ *

family tree calligraphy border
family tree calligraphy borderfamily tree calligraphy borderfamily tree calligraphy border
family tree calligraphy border
family tree calligraphy
Your family genealogy chart is completely hand crafted.  Every detail is customized using legible hand calligraphy.  You choose the exact information to be recorded.  Your family tree can reflect your heritage or any other attribute you would like to include (immigration details, civil war participation, etc.)  Rich colors, watercolor details and 23K gold leaf are available to enhance your unique family tree.

See Family Trees for samples.

wedding calligrapher
wedding calligraphy
affordable calligraphy
 P   R   I   C   E   S
calligraphy poem-3
wedding certificate
placecard calligraphy
calligraphy envelope
See Place Cards for samples and prices.
 Envelope Samples
for styles.
family tree calligraphy
The envelopes are gorgeous!
We can't believe how many
compliments we've received.
Of course, we'll arrange for
you to letter our place cards.
       Lydia W. 

The envelopes are so, so, so beautiful!  We really appreciated everything.
       Jennifer K.

Thank you for such lovely place cards.  Our guests  will be thrilled.
       Jessica R.

We love the Quaker Marriage Certificate.  It is so beautiful with all the details.  Thank you for guiding us through this process.
       Sylvia P.

The poem is absolutely beautiful!  We appreciate how attractive you designed it for us. Many thanks.
       David R.

The calligraphy piece just arrived and I can't tell you how pleased I am.  The quote is so much more inspiring with your beautiful calligraphy.  Much appreciated.
       Ruth P.

Just splendid!  The calligraphy and design for the certificate is so much better than I could have imagined.  Many thanks.
       Melissa V.

The family tree chart is truly impressive.  We are thrilled that you were able to design and so expertly craft all the information in such an attractive manner.  Thank you.
       James W.

more comments

*Prices are based on number of words, complexity of design and time allotted to complete.
more details . . . F A Q
more details . . . F A Q
more details . . . F A Q
more details . . . F A Q
more details . . . F A Q
more details . . . F A Q
 Get a Quote for addressing your envelopes