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 C  O  M  M  E  N  T  S
I must say the wedding envelopes are absolutely stunning!  You are a true artist.  Thank you for adding that extra elegance and beauty to my envelopes and for packaging them so carefully.  I am so glad I decided to have them hand written by a profession--You!
        Kelly R.
           BRONX, NEW YORK

I just wanted say THANK YOU for the beautiful calligraphy.  I am completely overwhelmed with just how beautiful the wedding prayer is.  It is completely beyond my expectations.  You are truly talented and do wonderful work!  I know that it will mean so much to the bride and groom.  Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your hard work on this.
            John R.

The envelopes are beautiful and perfect!  Thank you for your artistry and your organizational skills.  It has been a true pleasure to work with you.  Thanks so much for making this process so easy!
           Kathy L.

The envelopes are exquisite!  I'm so glad I selected the large "M" style--so impressive.  Thank you so much.    
           Kathleen G.     
            WASHINGTON, DC

The calligraphy piece arrived and and the lettering and design is beautiful.  I am absolutely thrilled.  I think this quote is the perfect retirement present.  Thank you so much.     
           Susan H.
            NEW YORK, NEW YORK

The workmanship on the envelopes was gorgeous!  And so many commented on the beauty.  I hope we can work together again and will gladly recommend you.      
           Holly G.

We are thrilled with the calligraphy piece.  It is exceptional.  Truly you have been blessed with a remarkable talent.  We were captivated and so very pleased with absolutely every aspect of it--from the antiqued paper, to the illustrations, to the design, layout, everything was superb.  We are terribly particular people and for me to gush so is rare.  Your professional attitude, clear communication, attention to detail, and thorough explanation of the process made it seamless.  Thank you so very, very much.  We will be in contact with you when we find the next quote.     
           John B.

The envelopes are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! ! !  We would like to extend our appreciation for your time and effort.  Thank you for taking such good care of us.   
           Jody B.

The place cards just arrive and are so lovely.  Thank you.    
           Jaimie R.
            NEW YORK, NEW YORK

You did such a beatufiul job on my daughter's wedding envelopes.  They are lovely! ! !  I will highly recommend your work to everyone.  My daughter will be very pleased.  Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job.  You have a very special talent! ! !     
           Melinda C.

The family tree looks great!  We're very happy, Thanks so much.    
           Jim M.

We think the marriage certificate is perfect!  The lettering, gold leaf--everything is so expertly done.  It's even more beautiful than we had imagined.  Thank you so much.      
           Lucinda D.

The escort cards look great.  Your help with all the details was so appreciated.
           Sarah H.
            WASHINGTON, DC

I cannot tell you how delighted I am with the poetry pieces!  I got tears in my eyes reading the beautiful wording.  The gorgeous gate--I love the gate!  I love the fact that you reserached it and make it symbolic and special on so many levels.  Your idea to include their initials was so great.  I will definitely use your masterly artistic services again.  It will be fun coming up with another project.  Thank you so much.
           Susan F.

Wow!  The envelopes are quite impressive.  My daughter will be thrilled.  Be assured we'll sing your praises to anyone in need of your artistry.  The whole process has been effortless and the outcome is nothing short of incredible!  Many thanks!  
           Bruce C.

We love the way you matched the script and color on the envelopes.  Thanks so much.
           Bianca L.

Thank you for lending your talents, so beautifully to help make such a lovely impact  on the details of our daughter's wedding.  It has been such a pleasure!   
           Sharon W.

We could not believe you hand painted the sunflowers so beautifully on our wedding vows.  The whole piece is exceptional.  We will treasure it always.
           Charles K.

The envelopes are gorgeous and exactly what I envisioned.  Thank you so much for everything!
           Francesca P.

The calligraphy is lovely for the poems!  Thank you so much.  You did a beautiful job.
           Carol R.

I just wanted to share with you some examples of the responses I'm getting from your calligraphy on our envelopes.  I am just so happy with them!
        "the calligraphy is elegant!"
            "Love, love, love the calligraphy!" 
                "calligraphy was beautiful!"
           Melissa M.
            NEW YORK, NEW YORK

I'm very happy with how the wedding vows turned out!  I had them framed and they look great.  My husband loved the gift!  Thank you for doing a wonderful job.
           Jan S.

Thanks for sending the calligraphy piece early. It arrived in perfect condition.  We are very pleased.
           Richard C.
            NEW YORK, NEW YORK

We absolutely LOVE your beautiful artistry on our envelopes.     
           Gail. C.

I am so thrilled with the poem.  This will mean a lot to my husband.  Thanks for a great design!
           Kristen G.

Your work is truly stunning!  The envelopes look great, thank you!      
           Jenna L.
            LISLE, ILLINOIS

The envelopes are absolutely magnificent.  They are amazing and we thank you so much for helping to make our invitations even more special.  You were so great and easy to work with which is appreciated. Thank you again for everything and we'll be sure to recommend you.
           Brooke M.

The envelopes are beautiful!  Thank you so so so much!      
           Maria F.
            ALPINE, NEW YORK

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with the envelopes.  Your service was brilliant and the calligraphy outstanding.  You were very responsive and we appreciate you working with us.  The envelopes look incredible!      
           Paul O.

Thank you for your lovely work and your gracious service with our wedding envelopes.
           Lilian P.

I love the poem!  Thank you for creating such interesting illustration to accompany this piece.  It really enhanced  your beautiful calligraphy.  Much appreciation.
           Mark M.

We love the envelopes!  Once again, thank you for doing a beautiful job for us.  I will highly recommend your TALENT to everyone!      
           Sandy M.

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